1. Building Scilab to GSoC

    My first task was build Scilab project. It is a huge project, and first time I did it I really didn't know how to do it. I just tried to build, checked the error message "some lib not found", installed that lib, tried to build again and again... dozen ...

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  2. We Won Sercomtel University Contest

    During the second half of 2010, I attended the Sercomtel University Contest in the apps category, developing an Android app to search for bus routes in Londrina city.

    The project was presented in Sercomtel in december/2010 and we received the first prize. My team received BRL 5000 (divided in ...

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  3. Cracking Captchas

    During PythonBrasil[6], we discussed about cracking captchas. I already worked on it to automate some tasks with a stupid captcha. A lot of internet voting systems and forms security are based on captcha.


    It is really easy to clean the image with some Python tools.

    Captcha cleaned
    def convert_image(image, threshold ...
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