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  1. Funblocker post mortem

    Long time, no text. I'll try to increase the frequency of my posts and don't give up because of the lack of time and excess of lazyness.

    One of my first open source projects with any traction was Funblocker. I wrote about it in other posts, it was ...

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  2. Bottle wsgilog

    Python has awesome tools for logging, including standard logging module. Also, through WSGI protocol we have the wsgilog middleware. Using it is easy with any Python web framework.

    You can easily integrate it in bottle environment.

    import bottle
    from wsgilog import log
    app = bottle.Bottle(catchall=False)
    logger_middleware = log(tohtml ...
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  3. Starting a blog

    It is my first post on this blog. Posts older than this one are just some backup from my previous failed attempts to maintain a blog.

    I am using the awesome Pelican to create my static pages and Github Pages to serve my blog, because I want a Python based ...

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